The Death Of Paul McCartney

Stories about celebrities dying are nothing new, especially since the advent of the internet.

Typically, they are hoaxes which are easily and quickly debunked, such as in the case of Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus who, it was claimed, had died in a car crash.

However, some such stories simply won’t go away, as in the case of the supposed death of Beatle’s member Paul McCartney, which has grown into a full-blown conspiracy theory.


The theory suggests that McCartney died in 1966 and was rapidly replaced by someone who looked virtually identical and even sounded the same.

It sounds like an amazing story and quite a stretch, even for conspiracy theorists, who believe that the Beatle’s management and other band members agreed to keep the press and public from discovering the truth about McCartney’s demise whilst, at the same time, wanting fans to know about it.

For that reason, it has been suggested that clues were left in album covers.

For example, on the cover of the Abbey Road album, all four of the Beatles are photographed striding across a zebra crossing, but only McCartney is barefoot, and also out of step with the other three.

Does that really mean anything though, or are a small group of people just imagining things?

Even though the band have always denied the rumours, fans and conspiracy theorists alike have never let the story go.

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  1. I’m with Clarissa. Conspiracy nuts will believe anything.

    • The hardcore ones will, that’s for sure, but there’s also a lot of people who refuse to believe everything they are told about specific incidents too.

      Are they nuts?

  2. This sounds like an early viral mrketing plan–get people wondering if Paul is dead so they take an interest in the Beatles. Then leak that clues are on album covers so they go buy the albums.

    Clever indeed.

  3. Some people will believe anything even if it is totally ridiculous,

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