The Dangers Of USB Auto Run

There are many aspects of running a computer that seem amazing. But usually it is the seemingly simple things that a computer can do that are actually the most amazing. While we may get excited by a computer running a high level 3D game, the fact that we are able to plug in any device with a USB plug is pretty miraculous.

The Dangers Of USB Auto Run

Yes the USB device is something that seems so mundane now but in the past was considered cutting edge technology. In the past if you wanted to hook up a device to your computer, you had to shut down the computer, open the computer up, install the device and then restart the machine. Now with the miracle of USB, you simply plug the device to the side and it is off and running.

But as amazing as the USB plug seems, there are some drawbacks to it as well. Because of the dynamic nature of the device, it can cause real security concerns if a person is not careful. Since you do not have to restart the computer, a piece of malware can easily install itself from an infected USB device at anytime and you would not know it. This is due to the auto run nature of the USB device.

USB devices are being shipped from overseas and are being used to deliver a multitude of different content to people. You can also buy a USB drive for storage cheap at any store in the country. Not everyone is going to check what is on the USB drive before they plug it into their computer. Because the bad guys know there are not people checking every USB device you will see malware being transferred in this manner. We are so used to hearing about malware being spread over the internet that we do not really hear about it being spread in such an old fashioned manner as often. But yes, it still does happen and it is something that you have to be on the watch for.

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