The Dangers Of PDF Books On File Sharing Web Sites

The rise of the internet has also meant a rise in the way we gather information. In the past, when you wanted to get information you had to either go to school or you had to go to the local library. Now that is no longer the case. There is no need to stroll down to the library if you have a computer in your home. You can now, with just a few presses of the fingers, get all of the information that you need.

But even on the internet there are different ways that you can get this information. You can go to a web site that is offering it and learn as much as you can. Or you can go to a store like Amazon and order a book and have it delivered to your door. But even better yet, you can also go to Amazon and have a book delivered to your email address.

The Dangers Of PDF Books On File Sharing Web Sites

Yes, the rise of the ebook has been a wonderful thing. No longer do you have to worry about whether a book is actually available or not. You know that the book is in binary format and they will never run out of supplies. You can just get the information anytime that you want it. You do not have to wait on long mail queues nor do you have to wait in long physical lines. With just a few clicks your product is waiting for you.

Sidestepping the system

But some people choose to go a different route when accessing their ebooks. They may decide that the asking price is too much and they are not going to pay for it. So instead they decide to go to a file sharing web site and download a free copy. I mean it is pretty easy. You find the book that you want and a few minutes later it is yours for no cost. This is the same thing that happened to music but it does not have the same fanfare as music did.

But there is a danger in this action. There are PDF files that are ridden with malware out there just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to click on it. Once they do then the computer that has been infected with malware will be ready for the hacker to do what he wants. PDF malware is rampant on file sharing web sites so you are taking a big chance by going that route.

The safest way to keep your computer clean is by buying the PDF file from a reputable site. If not then you are really taking your chances.

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  1. Forgive me, but this reads like a fear mongering article produced by some publishing company (big supporters of SOPA by the way). Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m absolutely against pirating ebooks but to make a positive contribution to public security awareness (which I suppose was your intention), you should provide something more than a vague threat.

    And to put some substance to my words, things that would be good to discuss (even without technical details):
    – How malware can infect you via an infected document
    – The value of updating you software (e.g. how many people still use Acrobat Reader 6.0)
    – What can happen to you on an infected system (now, that would get them thinking!)

    The whole article could be a tweet (safely short from the 140 character limit). Hope to see something better next time!

    • Hi Georgios,

      Its definitely not meant to be a fear mongering article and I certainly have no affiliations with publishing companies (I am myself against SOPA). But I do get your point about article length – I schedule posts well in advance but am shooting for longer ones even as we speak.

  2. just came to know about it now.very useful…..

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