The Creation Of Botnets Is Speeding Up, Not Slowing Down

When we get news, no matter what we say, we like to hear the good news and dismiss the bad.

Only when the bad news is directly affecting us do we respond to it.

This is the case when it comes to the state of our cyber security.

Losing The Cyber Security Battle

The security companies do not want to seem like they are losing the fight, for the fear of seeming irrelevant.

So they only tell the good news.

But there is a lot of bad news happening.

Sure, we have won a lot of battles when it comes to cyber security.

But the problem is getting worse, not better.

There are more and more threats seen everyday.

More viruses, more trojans, more worms, and more botnets.

The Rise Of The Botnets

Botnets are still a huge problem, and security researchers are only now only truly starting to understand how to combat them.

The problem for people who are part of the world of computer security, is that no matter how smart you are, the person you are working against is most likely just as smart.

Maybe even smarter.

If they are not as smart, then they have the numbers against the security researcher.

The researcher is a single person or maybe a small group of people, while the people who create the attacks are in huge groups and sometimes even state sponsored.

When you are dealing with this and the fast pace of ever evolving technology, then the odds against you become worse and worse.

the rise of the botnet

So when you are dealing with something as unwieldy as a botnet, then you are going to have to have more creativity then your enemy and not just rely on your brain power.

Can the problem of botnets be solved?

Most likely.

There have been worse problems that have been solved when it comes to the computer.

But the best way to slow down botnets now is through education.

Attackers would not be able to create such large botnets, at the pace that they do, if the people who they are infecting were educated about the dangers.

These people do not even know what a botnet is, let alone how to protect themselves against one.

Just like the term virus is known to the average person now, we must do the same with the term botnet.

Explain to people how this is what is sending them the spam everyday – show them how it affects their lives.

Once you are able to do this, then they will try on their own to help stop their computer from becoming infected.

The botnet problem has grown and not decreased.

We must show the average user the problems that can occur when they participate in dangerous activities online.

Show them that these activities can cause a botnet to grow.

Once we do that, solving the technical side will lead to a complete victory.

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