The Cost Of Hackers To Your Business

If you have ever taken an economics course then you are probably familiar with the first rule of economics. If you have not ever taken an economics course then let me explain to you what the first rule of economics is. The first rule of economics is that everything has a value. No matter what action you take it will always have some sort of value at the end. When most people hear talk such as this they automatically assume that the value is of a monetary sort. While a lot of times it is, there is more than monetary value in this world (I know, its hard to believe isn’t it!). Value can also be measured in your personal happiness. It can also be measured in the happiness of others. There are a dozen different ways where you can measure the value of something. In this article we will take a look at how a hacker attack can harm you and your company.


When you think about a hacker getting into your system the first thing that you should think about is the monetary cost. While that will not be the only cost that we will discuss in the article to a lot of people in business it might be the most important cost that there is. When you are in business you always have to think about the bottom line. And the bottom line is when a black hat hacker is able to get in your system they are able to steal a lot of valuable items.

Most of the stuff that we do at work is stored in a server. It is the easiest way to be able transfer the data back and forth to one another. It is also the easiest way for us to be able to make backups of the data in order to keep it safe. When you are dealing with an item such as a server you always have to remember to keep it safe. If a black hat hacker is able to find an opening then they are going to take it.

And them taking that opening can lead to a lot of data being stolen from your system. That data can be the credit card numbers of your customers. Or that data can be the plans for your next big invention that you are going to unleash on the world. If the bad guys are able to get to the plans first then there is a good chance that your product can be ruined or stolen by someone else out there. And you should not think that it is only lone hackers that might be after your valuable data. There are also governments out there that are looking to steal corporate secrets as well. They are trying to make the businesses in their country stronger and they will do anything that they can to make that happen.

But there is also cost besides monetary that you have to consider. You have to think about the mental cost that you and your employees will have once they know that they have been robbed of their data. The cost comes from the fact of knowing that you have been infiltrated and also the stricter changes that they will have to go through to make sure that nothing like that happens again. And if you are smart, there will be changes made. If you do not make changes after something like that happens then you are just allowing yourself to be a sitting duck.

When you are dealing with black hat hackers you have to think about all of the costs that might occur.

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