The Computer Security Community Is Just Like Any Other Community Out There

If you really think about it, computers have only been available for the general public consumption for about the last 30 years or so. While they have been around for a lot longer than that the average person could only get one since about the 80’s. Even then the computers that were available to be taken home were still expensive for the average person. You would have to pay several thousand dollars to be able to use a computer at home. And if you wanted to join for what passed as the internet at the time, you would still have to pay a lot more money. It has only been since computers became cheaper and internet access became cheaper where you have seen people have computers in their homes all over the place.


And because of this is why a lot of people think that computers are some kind of magical devices. They believe that they are devices that cannot be understood by the average person. They used to have this same thought process when it came to cars as well. When cars were only available to people of a certain status point in society people would think that they were magical as well. Now that everyone has a car people see how they work better and they do not think that they are magical any more  We will get to that point with computers as well but we are not there yet. People still tend to think that computers are magical items and that the people who work on them are magical as well.

The groups who really get that magical tag around their neck are the people who do security for computers. It does not matter if it is someone who is part of the geek squad and they know how to get rid of a virus or the people who know how to reverse engineer a piece of malware that is in the system, people tend to think that it is all magical. But you have to remember that is not the case and that the people who work on this stuff are just like you.

So when you are getting work done, you should talk to them and explain how you can prevent and security problems in the future. And if you feel as if you do not understand what they are saying then you should ask them to slow down and explain it to you slower. There is a good chance that if you were explaining your job to them that you would have to do the same so do not feel dumb. It is okay to ask questions and if the person makes you feel bad about asking question then find someone else to help you. Computer security takes a long time to learn but that does not mean that person cannot take the time and help out a customer.

Just like with any other field out there some people will be willing to help you and other people will just want to ignore you. You should not feel as if you cannot talk to the people securing your computers because you are walking into a different world. They should do their best, and most likely will do their best, to make you feel like not only are they doing their job but they are giving you great customer service as well. This is not some bad 80’s movie where the people who are working on your computer are outcast from society. They are normal people like you trying to do their job and make their customer feel comfortable.

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