The Chinese Taxi Scam

China Daily has reported that a cab driver has been scamming his fares by employing a man to hide in the cab’s trunk.

This accomplice then steals stuff out of the victim’s luggage.

When Lei was about halfway home, the driver of her cab received an ‘urgent call’ and told her that he would have to drop her off where they were and turn back.

The cab driver waived her fee completely, unloaded her luggage and even helped her get another taxi to take her the rest of the way home.

Missing computer

When Lei arrived at her home she discovered that her notebook computer had been removed from her luggage and called police.

After a month-long investigation, police discovered that the driver had hidden somebody in the trunk, specifically to steal luggage.

Both the driver and the ‘trunk man’ have since been arrested.

One can only imagine how small the ‘trunk man’ must have been and how he managed to remain hidden?

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