The Best Antivirus Programs For 2011 – Vipre Enterprise

Over the last couple of months or so I’ve been looking at various antivirus programs from a multitude of different vendors.

The one thing that all the AV programs in the preceding reviews had in common is the fact that they are predominantly aimed at the home user who wants to protect say 1-3 computers.

Today’s review, however, is about Vipre, an Enterprise product.

Vipre Enterprise installation

Vipre Enterprise installation

Unfounded Concerns

Being somewhat different to the other antivirus programs that I’ve reviewed in the past I began playing around with Vipre Enterprise with one, no two, main thoughts in my head – firstly is it effective and, secondly, how will a corporate program compare with home alternatives in terms of resource usage?

Being new to corporate software I was concerned that Vipre may prove troublesome to get my head around, despite the fact that I am reasonably clued up about security programs and computers in general.

I was also worried that an enterprise program may prove to be even more of a resource hog than some of the home antivirus programs I’ve tried recently.

Fortunately, my reticence was unfounded.

The Console

Vipre’s console is a very well designed affair.

It is minimalistic in it’s approach whilst also showing up the most important information in a way that can be quickly and easily scanned.

The console begins with a dashboard that displays the information that you, as an administrator, need to know in a hurry – threats detected, when updates last took place, which systems are not scanning or reporting, etc.

This reporting can then be further broken down by policy.

Vipre Enterprise

Vipre Enterprise


The policy options in Vipre Enterprise probably cover every known eventuality as well as a few more besides (maybe).

These policies cover, for example, areas such as –

  • whether USB drives are scanned or not
  • whether end users can perform specific tasks or not
  • website filtering
  • firewall exceptions, and much else besides.

Differing policies can of course be set for individual users or machines.

Handily, especially for someone such as myself who hasn’t used an enterprise version before, there is a wizard that makes it easy to setup policies in short time if you use the default settings and not much longer if you feel the need to tweak them.


I’ve been a bit pushed for time over the Christmas period and my internet connection has been down for days so I’ll hopefully come back to this post soon and add some pretty pictures to illustrate the point but, for now, I’ll just say that Vipre Enterprise’s reporting function is great.

An executive summary report is easy to produce and it creates nice big coloured pie charts that detail any threats that have been discovered as well as the machines that have been infected, and much more besides.


Unfortunately, due to time and internet connectivity restraints, I’ve not been able to use Vipre Enterprise as much as I would have liked to have done before writing this review but it certainly did seem to be far more responsive that many of the other antivirus programs I’ve looked at recently.


I’ve got to be honest here by saying that I’ve not got much if any experience of using enterprise security solutions and so I really need to spend a lot more time really getting into this product.

However, I’ve learned enough to realise that it offers a good level of protection hand in hand with low resource usage.

Add to that the fact that it won’t break too many budgets and I reckon Sunbelt/GFI have a great offering here that any SMB should give careful consideration to when looking to acquire the best in security for their network.

Visit the official Vipre Enterprise web page where you can learn more and even download a 30 day free trial.

If you are after a home antivirus program then my other 2011 antivirus reviews may make more appropriate reading.

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  1. Lee, I can tell you haven’t had much experience with enterprise based AV software as typically they run at a much smaller footprint than the home stuff.

    For example I currently would never recommend anyone use McAfee home AV but the enterpise version is rock solid and has a tiny footprint.

    However thanks for the heads up on Vipre as I’d not come across them before – though seeing as it is from Sunbelt would imply a semblance of initial decency 🙂

    • You’re welcome with regards to Vipre Stuart.

      As for McAfee home I must try and get a copy of that as its been quite some time since I’ve taken a look at their home products…


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