The Best 2014 Antivirus Programs (Reviews)

Which antivirus program should you buy for 2013/14?

Thats the million dollar question eh?

Whilst some of the top programs this year will undoubtedly be better than others it is also fairly certain that none of them will be absolutely awful (hopefully!). Thats why it can be so devilishly hard to pick the right one.

I know a good few people who pick their security software for the strangest reasons – the box looks nice, a free trial came bundled with their new computer, its the same one they buy every year, etc, etc. But in truth your decision needs to be a bit more considered than that.

If you want to effectively avoid viruses, trojans and other types of threat then you need to pick a solution that suits the way that you use your computer. You’ll also need to factor in some other considerations such as the age of your computer and what it is capable of.

Some AV programs can offer a whole host of ‘extras’ but you may not actually need them. In fact, you may well find sufficient protection in one of the many free alternatives. Equally, you may need the added benefits of a paid security program but be stuck with an older machine which might well struggle with some of this year’s offerings.

Thats where reading reviews comes in as I’ll let you know how well each program works, what features they offer and how they’ll likely run on both older and newer machines.

Read on to find out…

The Best Antivirus Programs for 2014

GData1. G Data Antivirus 2014

review in progress.

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