The Bad Guys Have Really Taken The Next Generation Of ATM Skimmers To A New Level

There are a few devices out there which we use almost every day that get very little credit from the general public. Even though these devices make our lives a lot easier than they would normally be, the general public tends to take the devices for granted. One of these devices is taken for granted more than others. It is the device that we use for our financial transactions and if anything was to go wrong, we could be in financial ruin. This device is known as the ATM and it is a device that has changed banking forever.


With the outreach of the ATM to the general public around the world, you no longer are at the whim of father time when it comes to banking hours. You do not have to wake up early to go to the bank before work and you do not have to wait until after work to get banking done. You can go to the ATM at anytime and you will be able to get several bank transactions done. Also with the availability of ATM’s you do not have to wait in the long lines in the bank like you used to have to do in the past. Now all you have to do when you want to deposit or take out money from the bank is go to one of the many locations that the ATM is available and do your business. Yes, the ATM is the machine that does not receive the amount of fanfare that it should.

But while the ATM is a very useful machine, there are dark sides to it as well. No machine is perfect and that includes the ATM. I am sure that plenty of you have been to an ATM that had a broken sign on it. Or you have been to an ATM that has been filled with deposits from the night before and will not be able to accept anymore until morning. While these are bad scenarios they are really nothing more than inconvenient compared to what we are going to talk about in the rest of the article. ATM machines can get really bad when you have a hidden skimmer on top of them.

What is a skimmer?

You have to know that when you have a device that handles a large amount of transactions like the ATM, there are going to be people who try to scam it. And you better believe that there are black hat hackers from around the world who try to figure out the security codes to ATMs all day long. But there is already a way for the bad guys to defraud people who use ATM machines and that is by using skimmers.

A skimmer is a device that sits over the slot of where you slide your card in when you use an ATM. When your bank card goes through the slot it gets read by both the skimmer and the ATM itself. The data is then stored on the skimmer until the bad guys who placed it there comes and gets it. But there is a new generation of skimmers starting to make the rounds. In the past, the skimmers were visible if you knew what to look for. Now the newer skimmers are able to be placed inside of the slot so that the person who is doing the transaction is not able to see it. Where once the skimmer was just hard to see, now they are almost invisible.

While ATMs are for the most part great devices, you have to be careful with them just like you are with any other machine that handles your money. Skimmers are not going away anytime soon so make sure you are on the lookout.

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