The Art Of Creating A Good Password

As you probably already know, the world of computer security is a tricky one. You have to remember different kind of ways to be able to protect your computer or network while at the same time being able to use your system in an easy manner. After all, if the system is not easy to use, then you are not going to want to be on it for long periods of times. And that can lead to you being very unproductive in whatever work you have to do.

Luckily there are people out there who are trying their best to merge these two worlds together. They are trying to create a way where you can easily use the system that you are on while at the same time feel confident that you are protected. It is not an easy job and is one that you can cross the line very quickly. At one end you can have all of the protection in the world but the computer is impossible to use. At the other end the computer is easy to use but there is barely any protection and the bad guys are just sitting there waiting to attack.

The Tools That You Need To Be Aware Of When It Comes To Cyber Security

But the people who create these systems cannot fight these attacks on their own. They need your help as well. They need you to be able to make the right decisions when you use your computer. This is especially true when it comes to the first line of defense. That first line of defense is your ability to create a proper password. So many people out there have so many problems with doing this. In this article we will not only show you how but we will also show you tools that will help assist you in this endeavor.

What not to do when picking a password

Well there are many ways to go about picking a password. Some people will use their name along with a few numbers or letters to mix it up. Other people will use an item that is familiar to them like the name of their children or the name of their pet. While this may seem reasonable they are all wrong. Passwords that use this technique in creation are doomed for failure. Sure they may work against someone who is just randomly picking targets to go after. But if someone is actively targeting you or they know you personally, then you are going to be ripe for attack. This is why you must avoid these techniques as much as possible. It will come back to bite you in the end.

What to do when picking a password

The first thing that you want to do is to figure out how you are going to pick the password. Will it be a term that is difficult for you to remember or will it be something that is known as a passphrase? Both of these techniques are good ones and it all depends on the person to which one they would like to use.

If you would like to go the random, hard to guess password method then I would suggest you download a program like keepass so that you can always have the password with you. Keepass will allow you to make a password that is completely random and full of numbers, letters, and symbols. Once it is created, you can store it in keepass which is an encrypted database. When you need it, just pull up keepass and it is right there.

The passphrase method allows you to make a password that is memorable but not easy to guess. Instead of just one word, you make an entire sentence. This sentence then becomes your password. Once you create the sentence you know have a long password and one that only you will know.

The proper password is the first step when it comes to cyber security. Make sure you are going down the right path.

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