The Ads That Pop Up On Your Computer Can Be Harmful To It

Ads are a necessary part of the internet experience. At least right now they are. It does not matter whether you like them or not we would have a totally different internet experience without them. Some people think that we would have a better internet experience without them but it is hard to see how that would be true. Almost everything that you did on the internet would have to be paid for and there are a lot of people out there who cannot afford to pay for every experience on the internet. For some of the things that they really enjoy they can pay for and for internet experiences that they merely like they can go to ad sponsored sites. It is all about what the person gets out of the content that is on a particular site at the moment.


But you have to remember one thing about the ads that pop up on the internet. They are all different and not all of them are meant to be helpful to your internet experience. Most of the ads out there are meant to give you a better browsing experience by showing you items that you might be interested in. There is several ways that they do this but it all ends up with them showing you items that they think that you would like. Some people think that it is intrusive the way that these companies are able to figure out your likes and dislikes while on the internet but that is a topic to be debated another day. No the ads that are not meant to be helpful in anyway are the real dangers of the internet and there are a lot of them out there.

There are two main types of unhelpful ads that you will see on the internet. You will see Spam ads that will show you the same ad that they show everyone else with the hopes of being able to catch a potential customer in their net. Ads like this clog up the internet and really do not help 99% of the people who see them. Then there are the ads that are meant to take you to malware laden sites that will harm your computer.

These malware laden sites can harm your computer in several different ways. They can either be set up as phishing websites that will get you to expose your personal data in some manner. Or they can be set up as a site that will get you to download and install some kind of virus package on your computer. Once this package is installed on your system it will attempt to spread and have you pay money to get it out. This is often called ransomware and it is a big problem on the internet. There have been many companies out there trying to stop it but the problem seems to get bigger and bigger all of the time.

So as you can see, not all ads are meant to be trusted on the internet. While almost 99% of them can be trusted at least as far as not infecting your computer with something nasty, there is still a percentage that cannot be trusted. Make sure you know what you are doing when it comes to clicking on an ad link. While it can be hard to tell which ones are safe, if you end on a page that it seems like you should not trust then you should get out of there right away.

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