The ACFE – Global Fraudbusters

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) represents a global coming together of some of the most qualified and dedicated individuals within the anti-fraud industry.

The ACFE currently boasts around 40,000 professional members worldwide who have joined the organisation for the purposes of training and education in order to further their goals of inspiring public confidence in their work and also reducing business fraud across the globe.

the ACFE

the ACFE

Through learning about, and understanding, the motivations behind fraud, they aim to take this knowledge and apply it to means of prevention.

The main functions of a fraud examiner are the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.

Ideally, a fraud examiner will be called upon to utilise their knowledge and experience in a pro-active way, allowing clients to put plans of action and procedures into place that will minimise their exposure to the possibility of fraud in the first place.

In cases where an occurence of fraud is already suspected, a certified fraud examiner is ideally qualified to gather and investigate all types of related evidence, interview and take statements from anyone suspected of having an involvement, write detailed reports and, ultimately, give qualified testimony to a court of law.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners provide a 24 hour helpline that runs all year round for the benefit of both the general public and their clients.

This facilitates both reporting of fraud and fact-finding about possible instances of fraud.

The ACFE website offers a huge amount of anti-fraud information, including alerts and advice on how one becomes a certified fraud examiner.

If this is a subject area you are interested in, or a career you are thinking of pursuing, then their site is highly professional and contains a wealth of quality information.

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