The 7 Deadly Sins Of Network Marketing – #6 – Envy

This is the sixth post in a series that examines the 7 deadly sins of network marketing.

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Envy is not only one of the deadly sins.

It is also a powerful motivating force which can be used for both good and bad purposes.

For the ambitious and determined person envy, or jealousy as it is otherwise known, can drive them to improve themselves and their business so that they can achieve that which they covet.

The lazy man, however, will find that his envy leads to a state of despair as he realises that he will never have what he wants so much.

I firmly believe that both types of envy exist within network marketing.


The determined individual will see other’s success, whether it be real or simply perceived, and will be spurred on to emulate that success by working harder, making more calls, obtaining more leads and networking with more people.

They will listen to the motivational speeches from their upline and get excited about the prospect of owning those huge houses, flash cars and yachts that the founders are so proud to brag about owning.

Something deep within their personality will force them to knuckle down and milk their opportunity for all it is worth so that they too can earn a stack of cash.

These positive mlmers will pursue any opportunity to make the money they need and will take no prisoners in their quest for financial freedom and residual incomes.


On the other hand, the lazy network marketer doesn’t feel the need to obtain all that they desire.

Sure, they would like the trappings of success, but it’s all too much hard work isn’t it?

They’ll try to recruit friends and family, often with little success, or at the cost of previously strong relationships.

They’ll look over their shoulders at those who are doing well in their mlm organisation and will, at first, wonder why they are achieving so much more than them.

They will be jealous at first, wishing that they too had the same level of income, but that feeling soon passes.

Instead of looking at themselves, they look outward for an answer as to why they are failing.

Because they only ‘want’ success, instead of truly ‘needing’ it, they will never have it.

The lazy marketer will never put their own house in order but will blame others for their lack of success as they feel much more comfortable living within their own delusion.

Instead of putting in the required level of effort they will likely give up on network marketing, blaming the system, or even calling it out as a scam.

Maybe they will even become an mlm addict, constantly drifting between different companies, looking for the success that they will never have.

In any event, they will stick with network marketing because they believe they hype and so desperately want all the material things their colleagues have.


If so, does it spur you on to achieve great things, or does it leave you feeling flat and demotivated because you never quite achieve what you want?

If not, do you think you prosper by focusing upon yourself rather than the lives and possessions that other people have?


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