The 7 Deadly Sins Of Network Marketing – #5 – Wrath

This is the fifth post in a series that examines the 7 deadly sins of network marketing.

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The fifth deadly sin of wrath is typically categorised as being either hatred and/or anger.

These are characteristics I see each and every single day, despite not being a network marketer myself.

From my own perspective, I see anger and hatred most often levied on websites, forums and blogs.

Whilst I have had the pleasure to come into contact with several exceptionally pleasant marketers over the last couple of years, I have also had the displeasure of reading verbiage from many, many more who could best be described as ‘haters’.


My lasting impression of most multi level marketers is that they are a quite unforgiving bunch.

If you are not with them, then you are against them.

If I was trying to promote a business online then I would go to great lengths to market myself and whatever I was offering in a positive light.

However, my experience of watching network marketers is that many of them do quite the opposite – they open a dialogue by finding postings about their competition and then try to rubbish them.

Of course their opportunity is so much better that they then offer it up as the solution to all the ills of the competing business that they have just highlighted.

Should you dare to question their stance, or offer evidence of anything wrong or shady within their business then all hell is likely to break loose.


If you locate a vibrant forum or blog that allows commentary about specific mlms then you can almost guarantee a comment-fest.

Network marketers must feel compelled to evangelise their opportunity, often far more vehemently than any religious nutcase ever would.

Multiple paragraphs, essays and dissertations are the order of the day as they attempt to justify why their opportunity is the best.

If they disagree with your views then the replies are often much shorter, and far more to the point.

They tend not to settle for just putting down the business you are worth.

Oh no.

Many mlm commentators are so twisted that they have to make their attacks far more personal, dredging up all sorts of rubbish and attacking peoples’ personalities.

I believe that is a very cheap tactic that shows their immaturity.

Not to mention the fact that their must be underlying causes for their anger and hate.

Anger, fear, aggression… the dark side are they.

Yoda : Star Wars VI – The Return Of The Jedi

When you read something you don’t like on the internet does it make your blood boil?

Do you feel compelled to reply?

Do you cave into anger or can you control yourself enough to offer objective responses?


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  1. Sometimes I read things that make me really angry but I don’t comment until I’ve calmed down. Or I don’t comment at all. I get tired of all the negativity – online and off – and don’t want to spread more. I *try* to be funny, offer assistance, or suggestions for improvement. Online, though, I think a lot of people react emotionally and immediately respond without first applying some rationality and logic. (I’m hoping this comment was a bit more clever than some earlier ones 😉

    • Arn’t you meant to be working for the moany 83 yr old right now? 🙂

      I try not to get involved in negativity either but sometimes it just happens.

      I try to respect everyone’s opinions, whether I agree with them or not. Like you, I often try to respond to certain situations with humor as I find that to be quite disarming in many case.

      And, yes, you have shown that you have a little more substance with that particular comment 😀

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