The 7 Deadly Sins Of Network Marketing – #3 – Greed

Welcome to the third in a series that examines the 7 deadly sins of network marketing.

The previous two posts have examined lust and gluttony.



Most people who become involved in network marketing do so, presumably, to earn money.

Lots of it.

Unfortunately, perhaps, we live in a world that is a slave to finance so it is understandable that virtually everyone is looking to make as much as they possibly can.

However, from my interactions with multi level marketers, it would appear that many of them go way beyond simply being keen to generate a good income.

They are so wrapped up in their business that they will believe almost anything their organisation tells them, becoming blinded to the truth in their pursuit of copious amounts of wealth.



How much do you want to earn?

If you are involved in network marketing, or have ever had someone try to recruit you onto the end of their downline then you are probably aware of all the spiel they come out with in order to get you to sign up.

“Most millionaires in America today earned their money through network marketing”

The most often used selling points for many of the opportunities being touted today are, as you may imagine, centred around the financial benefits.

Stories of existing members making a fortune often lead to potential new recruits becoming caught in the euphoria that is generated.

In turn, this leads to them handing over their hard earned money in order to join up, despite their better judgement.

“A statistical analysis of income disclosures made by 10 major multi-level marketing (MLM) companies and the largest of all MLMs, Amway/Quixtar, reveals that, on average, 99% of all participants received less than $10 a week in commissions, before all expenses.” (Pyramid Scheme Alert)

If many of the claims made about potential network marketing earnings seem wild, and common sense suggests that they should be ignored, then why do so many people sign up regardless?

What motivates otherwise intelligent people to invest in a business model that reportedly has a higher than 99% failure rate?

The answer, quite simply, is greed.

Not only is money the root of all evil, it also the biggest cause of instant intelligence loss too.


If you are someone who is blinded by greed, who absolutely must pursue the mlm pipe-dream then there is only one way you can possibly succeed.

Get in quick!

The financial dreams of network marketers can only be realised through downline commissions.

Success for all is, by the very nature of the business model, impossible within a multi level structure.

There simply arn’t enough people in the world to allow for endless recruitment.

Even if the whole world were interested in joining your mlm (they arn’t!), and each member only recruited 10 other people, then the whole world would have joined up in less than 7 years!

When demand for a product or service is finite, profits have to end somewhere.

When over-saturation in your mlm occurs, the only way to fulfill your greed will not be by selling the product.

The only way to profit will be through the losses of those beneath you, assuming of course that you are not the one at the bottom of the pyramid when the music stops.

Did you sign up for network marketing out of greed?


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