The 7 Deadly Sins Of Network Marketing – #1 – Lust

When I first started reading, and then writing, about network marketing I thought that all of those who are involved saw mlms purely in terms of finances.

However, it now appears that religion can play quite a large part too – Lipstick, Powder and Faith.

With that in mind, I decided to look at the 7 deadly sins of network marketing.

(As if those involved need any more encouragement in getting sent to hell!)



What is lust?

Typically, lust is perceived as being of a sexual nature.

As multi level marketers and sex hardly go hand in hand, however, I will focus upon the driving forces behind the obsession instead.

Lust is all about having thoughts or desires that become either excessive and/or obsessive.

For the potential network marketer the temptation to give in to lust or desire is immense.

Whilst being recruited it is highly likely that the poor individual will be bombarded with hundreds of messages and copious amounts of visual stimulation.

Just imagine being locked in an office with an accomplished orator who maps out your path to riches and success.

There’s the talk of financial freedom, the images of cars and yachts, promises of 2 day working weeks, grainy photocopies of ridiculously sized checks.

How could you not desire all that?

It doesn’t matter that the seeds of the dream sowed by your recruiter are false because once you have those thoughts in your brain they will fester and grow until you accept and believe in them yourself.

The danger of course, is that unfulfilled desire is known to lead to addiction.

This means that the weak-willed marketer who succumbs to their lust will be doomed to an eternity of failing to achieve their own vision of networking nirvana.

Are you a multi level marketer who has given in to their lust?


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  3. I reckon lust is the hardest one to associate with mlms but im also interested in what you will be saying about sloth.

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