The 6 Types Of Network Marketer – Which One Are You?

Obviously, everyone is a unique individual.

However, from what I have seen of network marketers, most can be broken down into 6 main types of person –

  1. The optimistic homeworker
  2. The consumer
  3. The lame duck
  4. The mlm addict
  5. The first amongst unequals
  6. The crippled critic

Which type of network marketer are YOU?


The optimistic homeworker is by far and away the most important person in a strong network marketing business.

Such people are incredibly serious about discovering success and are prepared to pay to have it delivered on a plate to them.

Not only that, but they are often so keen that they will also fall into the description of ‘the consumer’ at the same time.

Any multi level marketer worth his salt will tell you that this is the ideal recruit.


The consumer will sign up to a multi level marketing opportunity purely for the product being offered.

With little or no interest in earning money, the consumer is simply enamoured by the uniqueness or perceived value of the product.

Due to their fanatical following of the product, the consumer can become a great ally as well as customer.

When they are not legitimatising the network by being one of the few who buys rather than recruits, they will be more than willing to promote the product.

The consumer can be utilised on the internet, always relied upon to hunt down and quash any negative comments via their expert use of prepared scripts and blog comment replies.


The lame duck accounts for around 99% of network marketers.

They have a variety of reasons for joining network marketing but all of them are ill-conceived.

Some lame ducks join up to alleviate the pressure applied upon them by friends and family who are already in the network.

Others are just too lazy to work.

In any case, the lame duck is a total failure.


MLM addicts need a new fix on a regular basis in order maintain their interest levels.

Every month, seemingly, they will jump from one opportunity to another, believing that each will be ‘the one’ that will finally work for them and bring the success and financial freedom they crave.

Their amazing enthusiasm and energy allows them to get incredibly excited at recruiting sessions and in the first few days of their business.

However, they soon start to lose interest when they expected rewards arn’t as instant as they thought they would be.

Instead of looking inward they begin to find fault with the company or product.

Realising that their current opportunity is to blame for their failure, they will quickly search out a new opportunity and jump ship.


Another type of network marketing junkie is the ‘first amongst unequals’.

Due to inadequacies in their childhoods, this type of marketer has a compulsion to the first one in the door in order to grant them the status of being head of the line.

They completely forget the first rule of sounding out a new multi level marketing opportunity – due diligence.

With dreams and illusions of importance and wealth, the first amongst equals rushes in without assessing the opportunity at all.

They will often have no idea about the compensation plans, background or strategy of their new company.

This can often lead to them being woefully inadequate as sponsors and Directors.


The crippled critic is an ex-mlm junkie who has broken their addiction.

Like anyone who has ever given up smoking, they become vehement opponents of their prior obsession.

The crippled critic feels a compulsion to warn anyone who will listen of the dangers of joining whatever opportunity they were involved in.

Borderline psychotic, this type of network marketer can be particularly scathing in their attacks.

Additionally, they also tend to be delusional to the point of totally ignoring any truth that gets in the way of their arguments.

As the crippled critic retains their earlier enthusiasm and energy, they often tend to attract other like-minded individuals to their cause.

Together they reinforce each others’ low self esteem and perpetuate the belief that it was the network rather than themselves who failed.


About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. I connect with your thinking and writing. Some things to share at a later point in time. Have to get going. I’ll be back to visit soon. Make it a really great day! Glad our paths crossed. Take care.

  2. Out of love for MLM’s? That’s deep. Since you’ve never been associated with MLM’s directly, do you find a fascination with it of sorts?

    • I did know a bit about mlm before I started this site, due to the fact that I have/had friends who are/were involved in them.

      Unfortunately, the more I read about multi level marketing the lower my opinion of them becomes.

      I can see that some are better than others and I have to say that MK is one I hold in higher regard than most.

      I especially like the fact that those involved in MK seem to be genuinely friendly and can respect opposing opinions without getting as defensive as some others I could mention.

  3. HAHAHA! Did you write this? Too funny!

  4. I know a website owner or two who are quite bitter and the crippled critic category would be an apt description for them.

  5. Blessed says:

    Hey Scam,

    Is there possibly another category for family members who were slammed by a loved one’s participation in an absolutely phenomenal, amazing, awesome, Christ endorsed MLM?

    There has to be another category for those who didn’t order the soup, try to sell it or eat it, but got it spilled all over them.


    • Hmmm.. that’s an interesting thought, I might have to add such a categoty you know.

      Bit confused about Christ-endorsed mlms though – I obviously haven’t been to church often enough as I don’t remember God mentioning network marketing in the Bible????

      • LifeGoesOn says:

        Ah but you see there are MLM’s out there who like to talk about God and use God in their recruiting scripts

        • Funnily enough, I was reading about that just a few hours ago on my friends blog… the discussion was about whether using God in mlm was a form of manipulation.

  6. Andy Oakley says:

    Well I don’t know which category i fall into because they all sound a bit sarcastic. I certainly know a few crippled critics though who badmouth anything they couldnt succeed in.,

    • ‘Sarcastic’ is my middle name and I guess that shows in my writing, though I’d prefer the term ‘tongue-in-cheek’ with the posts I write about mlm.

  7. Absolutely not Trevor. In fact, I have never directly participated in an mlm.

  8. judging by your acidic tone here I assume you clas yourself as the “crippled critic” huh?


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