The 10 Tell-Tale Signs Of MLM Obsession

“No one can serve two masters.

Either he will hate the one and love the other,

or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.

You cannot serve God and money”.

Matthew 6:24


Are YOU Obsessed With Multi Level Marketing?

If you exhibit any of these signs then you might be –

  1. You cannot say a sentence without mentioning your ‘fantastic opportunity’
  2. You spend hours online looking for mlm articles
  3. You leave comments on every mlm blog you find
  4. You have tried to recruit at least one family member into your mlm
  5. You believe everything your sponsor tells you
  6. You buy your company’s training materials
  7. You attend mlm conventions
  8. Your relationships have suffered because you work too many hours
  9. You continue to buy inventory even though you struggle to sell it
  10. You take it personally whenever someone says something negative about your mlm

Have YOU ever demonstrated any of these signs of mlm obsession?

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  1. “You cannot serve God and money”….Matthew 6:24

    I’m impressed you posted this. I serve God. I pay the bills with the money derived from the work that I do. I honor God first. Simple.

    Glad to visit your site. I’ll be back soon.

  2. Just got back from a great convention where I picked up some great training for my fantastic opportunity, and, just like I suspected, my sponsor was “dead right” about EVERYTHING he said (at least I know for sure now!) While I was there, I snagged some really great deals on training material… STRAIGHT from the company that graces us with this fantastic opportunity!!! My family (and friends) wants to be a part of this fantastic opportunity really bad, but for some reason, their pride keeps getting in their way… and it keeps causing our relationships to suffer. It took me hours to find this ignorant article about this fantastic opportunity because I was leaving comments on other mlm blogs and frankly, I am offended that you feel the need to attack me for being a part of this fantastic opportunity just because I have all this inventory ready to fly off the shelf.

    How can you possibly say that I am (fantastic opportunity) “obsessed” with multi level marketing?

    • Ha ha, I see you are back on top form again Jon.

      Obviously I don’t mean people such as your good self are obsessed – you and the other MK people I know of are merely enthusiastic.

      However, I’m sure you must have come across other multi level marketers who are just a little too keen haven’t you?

      • in mlm, there is no such word as “too”. you can’t be “too” excited, exuberant, cunning, keen, or “well stocked”!


        • “well stocked”.. hmmm… reminds me of a conversation we almost got into over at your place.

          (and something Scametta would undoubtedly want to know more about!) 😀

  3. Reg Varney says:

    Guess I am obsessed then but I am proud to be in network marketing.

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