th3j35t3r vs WikiLeaks – Tango Down But Not Out Yet

By now just about everyone has heard of WikiLeaks and their release of various documents onto the internet this week.

Some of you may also be aware that the website has been experiencing a few issues since then.

A few of you may be aware that a hacker, known as th3j35t3r, has claimed that he is responsible for the denial of service attack against WikiLeaks.

It would seem that he is motivated by a need to protect US troops who may be put in jeopardy by the revelations made by the whistleblowing site, despite the fact that WikiLeak’s disclosures have already been widely reported around the world.

Has th3j35t3r Won?

So, assuming that th3j35t3r really is behind the DDoS attack on WikiLeaks, could it be said that he has been successful in preventing joe public from accessing that site?

Is the ‘tango’ really down?

Not quite.

But WikiLeaks certainly has been experiencing a few issues this week.

On Sunday WikiLeaks experienced a DOS attack against it’s servers that many believe may have been instigated by th3j35t3r and his XerXes tool.

The website was then moved to Amazon Web Services in an attempt to deal with the attacks.

Then, on Tuesday, there was a second wave of attacks which appeared to be more distributed in nature and which reached 10 Gigabits per second. In my opinion this attack was from a different source.

Following this, WikiLeaks ceased to be hosted on the Amazon servers for reasons unknown, ultimately leading to a relocation in Switzerland.

The latest development came yesterday when it was revealed that – a division of the U.S. based Dynamic Network Services – had taken the decision to terminate WikiLeak’s domain name service at 10PM EST due, it would seem, to the continued DOS attacks.

This means that cannot be found through typing the web address but can be found through it’s IP address – a WikiLeaks tweet gives it as – but that isn’t working for me right now.

So, problems a plenty, but certainly not tango down.

And, besides, all the information is out in the wild now anyway.

Has th3j35t3r won?

Definitely not, but he has made a name for himself and, I would imagine, put a big red target on his forehead.

Was it worth it?

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  1. AltoMirage says:

    All users of XypRus are aiming for you j35t3r!
    You in for it now!

  2. Way to go J35t3r. You have officially kicked off a cyber war. Mark my words, this will be the beginning of the end of the world we hold so dear.

  3. SoulVip3r says:

    Get ready j35t3r
    The FrostBite platform is going to tear you to pieces

  4. Ace Tomato says:

    Happy holidays to th3j35t3r – nice kickoff =)

  5. Yeah, it looks like the latest. Thanks Dave.

  6. To see the interviews with hacker who took out the WikiLeaks site, known as The Jester, including two videos of his XerXeS DoS attack tool in action see the following posts:


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