Text Message About Gangs And Killings Near Walmart Is A Hoax

Another text message hoax is currently doing the rounds at the moment.

This one warns of trouble in the vicinity of Walmart stores due to gang members supposedly engaging in initiation killings.


If you receive such a message then it will probably say something along the lines of –

“Don’t go to Walmart tonight some sort of gang initiation, they are supposed to kill 3 girls.

Might be fake but better safe than sorry.”

There is, however, no truth to those claims.

Much like the last SMS text hoax, about Christians being executed in Afghanistan, this one also succeeds in not giving out any details which could be used to disprove it.

For instance, there is no day or date in the text message, meaning it can easily be recycled and used at any time.

Also, there is no mention of which Walmart store is supposedly being written about which means such a text could apply to just about anyone who lives near such a retailer.

Finally, a search engine query reveals no news stories about this that claim that it has, or will, happen.

On the contrary, all other reports also out this text as a hoax too.

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  1. Seems like a cleaver way to hit Walmart where it hurts…Keep all the women away…lol, I would say this is more of an Anti-Walmart campaign then it is a true gang initiation.

    • I’m not in America – do you know if this had much of an effect on Walmart takings over the period that the hoax was being spread around?

  2. You know this stupid lil rumor has had ppl in a uproar and having police officers somwhere they should not be ” They should be on the streets not at Walmart just sitting aorund doing nothing i agree with all who say’s this is a hoax i work at walmart and i first heard of the walmart killings in a email that said it was a fake then go to work and everyone is so scared and police posted outside ppl need a life!

    • I agree that such a hoax is both stupid and a waste of police time.

      However, I recall reading a news piece earlier today that said a guy had actually walked into a Walmart store with a holstered gun at his side.

      Understandably, the reaction from those present at the time was probably a little tense!

  3. It’s a hoax. I’ve linked to snopes.com. Two people sent me the text yesterday. The end of the website entry directly addresses the text messages of March 2009.

  4. Arderian says:

    Well me personaly i think its a hoax now. At first i believed it but it was so many diffirent texts going around sayin diffrent things i just didn’t think it was true any more.

  5. My friend sent me this text and it IS true because in woodbrige, VA 2 women were killed by a mexican gang. Please DO NOT go to walmart ladies this is serious and it was on the news!!!!

  6. Toby Esquire says:

    What does anybody get out of sending such a hoax text?

  7. This is true. I just heard from a reliable source that 2 women were just killed at Walmart in Conway, AR & 1 in Pine Bluff, AR.

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