Test Your Android App In A Virtual Environment

Creating an Android app is just as fun as the early days of writing web pages to the internet. The technology has not quite matured but there is still a lot that you can do. The smart phones of today are a new breed of technology and it is going to take a while before people become really efficient at creating with them. But while the tools and skills of the good guys become better with each passing year of developing for smart phones, so do the bad guy skills as well. Black hat hackers have seen the writing on the wall and the smart phone is the future. And they want to be able to exploit that territory as well.

Test Your Android App In A Virtual Environment

Testing will help solve this problem

When a developer usually talks about testing they are more than likely talking about making sure that the software that they are working on works. This is usually called unit testing but there are other types of testing as well. One type of testing is security testing. While to many developers it seems that the days of having to worry about security problems with your app are over, this is not true. As we said in the previous paragraph, the bad guys are bringing their skills to the mobile phone market so you had better watch out.

To help solve this problem with your phone you could always go the route of testing your mobile app in the confines of a specially made VM. And I am not just talking about the emulator that comes with the Android SDK. I am talking about a fully fledged VM that runs the Android operating system completely. A VM like this is available now and it is in your best interest to try it out. You will see that there are many benefits to this technology.

Without having to worry about introducing a piece of malware to your phone, you can do all of your security testing in this VM. Not only is it faster than the normal emulator but it is also more reliable. The emulator for
the Android is known to be slow. The x86 VM is known to be a quite bit faster. Also you can configure it however you like.

So you should really take a look at Android VM technology. You and your users will be glad that you did.

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