Tempting Targets To The Bad Guys That Are Out There

Most people have a long tradition of being hard workers. It is the human being work ethic that got us where we are in this modern society. Not only do we have a strong work ethic, but we also have a strong desire to make our situation better. So even do we are for the most part hard workers, we also try our best to work smarter. It is both of these factors that combine together that helps us achieve greater things and take us to the next level of efficiency. But while these are all good traits, they are also connected to people who have ill intentions as well. Not everybody who embodies these traits wants to be able to help people. Some of the people who embody these traits want to use them to take advantage of the people out there.


And this includes the black hat hackers who are out there. A lot of people out there have the misconception that black hat hackers are a lazy bunch. They want to find an easy way to make money and try to get over on people. But if you have any knowledge about most criminal enterprises and not just the criminals online, you would know that there is hardly ever any easy money out there. Even when you are a criminal you have to work hard for a payday. The biggest difference is that you are working hard on a payday that might be bigger than you would normally get for your effort. So even though the criminal work that they do might be hard, just like with anyone else, they want to make things more efficient. They want to be able to get more done with less time. So they start to do things that will allow that happen. And it gets to the point where they have a system that will allow them to get over and be able to swindle more people in a shorter amount of time. You have to remember that they are using the same system that everyone else uses to make their job easier.

So if you want to be able to take yourself out of the cross hairs of most of the black hat hackers out there then you need to make the job of attacking you not worth it. And most of the time that is done by scaling what it would take to get over your digital gates. And it might be as much work as you think it is. You would be surprised at how much lack of security there is on the computers that are out there. Just putting a simple thing like antivirus on your computer jumps you to a hard to penetrate category and will get you off of the radar of a lot of the black hat hackers who are out there. But remember, your system still can be penetrated, it just makes it harder than most of the other people out there.

So now that you have placed antivirus on your system, what is next? What else can you do to keep yourself off of the bad guy’s radar? Well the next thing that you should do is set up any firewall that you might have on your system. This will protect any remote ports that you have on your system. If a black hat hacker is able to get on your system, a firewall will make it hard for their attack to be able to communicate with their command server.

The next thing that you can do is set up the protection on any router software that you might have. A lot of this protection will be redundant to what you already have software wise but that is okay.

Now all you need to do is be careful when it comes to the sites your visit and the software that you install. Becoming a target never feels good, but getting yourself out of the cross hairs feels really satisfying.

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