Telecom New Zealand Cancels 60,000 Yahoo! Extra Passwords Following Attack

More news here with regard to the attack on Yahoo Xtra email accounts that I first wrote about last week. The initial response from Telecom New Zealand was to notify 10,000 customers that they needed to change their passwords within 24 hours. Now it appears that Telecom NZ have ramped things up a bit by enforcing a password change on 60,000 more accounts that it believes have been compromised. passwords-cancelled From the latest Telecom press release:

“We’re taking this matter very seriously,” says Mr Quin, “and urge those whose passwords have been cancelled to create new passwords. However, it’s advisable for all others that have not changed their password, to do so immediately both on their computer but also on mobile devices and tablets. We continue to be sorry for any distress caused or inconvenience this has caused and reinforce that in today’s online world regular password changes are an important need.” Telecom NZ

If you are one of the affected Xtra customers then you will be prompted to change your password the next time you log into your email account. Even if you haven’t received any such notification I would highly recommend that you change your password with immediate effect just to be on the safe side. You can change your Xtra password by visiting In the meantime I am patiently waiting to find out just how this attack was orchestrated and what the final count will be with regard to the number of compromised email accounts…

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