Technology Wars Between The Countries

It does not matter where you are from when it comes to technology. The Earth has become a lot smaller because of the outspread of technology. And it is only going to get smaller. We do not see a slowdown happening any time soon so you can only expect that the reliance on technology is only going to become greater over the years. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing depends on how you look at the usage of technology. Some people believe that it is a good thing because they see all of the benefits that technology brings you. Some people think of it as a bad thing because they see that too much of the world relies on technology already. And they see that with that much reliance, the technology can then be turned around and used against us.


And they are not too far from the truth. Yes, technology can be turned around and used against you. Just like anything else in the world, technology can be used for good and it can be used for evil. It all depends on the person who is welding the technology. It is up to them to decide whether they are going to use their technical advantage to harm other people or are they going to use it to help other people and society in general. That is the decisions that we see all of the time when it comes to the war between the white hat hackers and the black hat hackers. Two sets of people with similar knowledge but decide to use it in different manners.

But it is not only small time hackers who have these technical decisions ahead of them. It is large governments as well. They have to decide whether they are going to use the resources for good or bad all of the time. And they have to do that with their technical knowledge as well. But a lot of the time this use of technology is not looked at as whether it is the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do. When it comes to the governments of the world they like to think of it as whether what they are doing is good for their country or bad. It does not matter whether the results harm other people or not.

That is why we are starting to see a tech war brewing between the governments of the world. And while people who are considered hackers might have the front seat to this battle, they will not be the only ones who are able to see the affects of what happens. These countries are using their technical knowledge to steal from one another and also to spy on one another as well. And it gets worse than that. In some cases they are using their knowledge to be able to hurt one another physically. It is becoming a dirty game and it does not look like it has any ending in sight.

And as we said earlier in the article, our reliance on technology is only going to grow from here. And the more that we rely on technology; the more we are going to be able to be hurt by the cyber war that is going on between countries. There is not going to be anyplace that you can hide from. As more and more of our services are going online, the more you are going to see the war heat up.

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