Tatyana Gorbunowa – A Friend Of Elena Volkova?

Quite some time ago I put an obviously fake and ridiculously silly profile on a Russian dating site, purely to see what, if any, kind of response it might get.

Surprisingly, there were a good few replies. I never corresponded with anyone, I just wanted to get an idea of whether the women on there were obvious scammers or not.


Most seemed genuine though, until I got an email from Elena Volkova who was obviously looking to scam people. My latest check on my inbox reveals an email from another Russian lady, Tatyana Gorbunowa, who sent me the exact same email, word for word.

The only differences between this email and the one from Elena Volkova are the name and the email address… how lazy is that?!?

I saw your announcement on a site in the Internet. There there were many good people. I do not know why I have written to you, probably something inside has prompted me to do it. I already during long time wanted to find to me directly people, but not from Russia. As in Russia very many bad people and are very difficult to find such person, which will serve me as a fine half. Simply me the girlfriend has advised me to go in the Internet of cafe to search for persons outside Russia. My best girlfriend has found to itself through Internet good people Which has invited her in the country, and now they live together 2 months It also has pushed to find me to itself of the satellite Though I also do not believe life in it, that it is possible to find love through The Internet I should hope for it up to the last.

Now it – is slightly about me: My name – Tatyana Gorbunowa. I the simple Russian girl who search for a basis The person from abroad for serious attitudes in the future for Creations of family. I live the Russian city Cheboksary. It – very beautiful city In which I live. I very much like to help people and therefore I have chosen trade on heart the doctor. I am long brave to write to you and have written in hope which you will write also to me I hope for it, and I shall look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. If I though have slightly interested you, please write to me the answer. On mine E-mail:tatyana3434@mail.ru I shall hope, and I shall wait, that you nevertheless will answer it soon. I send the image in the letter. With hope your new familiar Tatyana Gorbunowa

If you search around the net you will soon realise that the people behind these romance scams recycle the same pictures all the time (they are often photos they take from modelling websites), but this is the first time I have seen an email used verbatim.

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  1. I can’t understand “chosen trade on heart the doctor”.This scammer not only gives love a bad name but also the city he/she supposedly lives in!


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