Taking Down Botnets One At A Time

Black hat hackers are a very inventive bunch. I am not talking about script kiddies. I am talking about real life black hat hackers who know what they are doing. They spend a lot of time putting their crime together. While they may not be the ones who invented the particular attack that they are going to try and implement, they did have the technical know how to put it all together and make it happen. And that is why it is important for the good guys to have the same amount of knowledge. You have to be good if you want to be able to bring down whatever the bad guys put up.


A cat and mouse game that goes on all of the time when it comes to knocking down and rebuilding are the botnets. If you do not know, a botnet is a group of computers that is controlled by either one black hat hacker or several of them. Most of the time these computers are rogue and they have been taken over through the use of illegal means. The black hat hacker usually sends a file that pretends to be one thing but in reality is a virus that will corrupt that computer. Once they have control of that computer they then use it to be part of a collective for doing illegal activities. These activities could either be sending spam or they could be used to cause a DDOS attack. No matter what, the victim on the other end of the botnet is being shortchanged because they no longer have total control of their computer.

This is why companies take so much time when it comes to trying to stop these botnets. Not only corporations but also many nations work together in trying to stop these types of attack. A botnet attack gives too much power to the bad guys. They are able to form what are essentially supercomputers and use it against their targets. That is why everyone fears them.

In the future, while you always see attempts to make computing safer by trying to stop malware, the number one place where prevention is going to be focus is on botnets. There is too much at stake when it comes to the internet to allow these types of attack to happen without repercussion.

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