Take Screenshots Of Your Server Along With Doing Backups On A Regular Basis

The one thing that you are taught early on when you learn how to use a computer is to always make sure you have a back up. And this is really good advice. Computer parts die or are corrupted on a regular basis. There are a variety of reasons why this happens. Sometimes the computer parts are old and they need to be replaced. Sometimes the computer parts are faulty and they were going to break in the first place. And sometimes you have just put so much wear and tear on the devices that they just cannot keep up anymore. No matter what the reason is you just have to always remember that your devices can go at anytime and you must always be prepared for it.


The number one part of your computer that dies most of the time is the hard drive. Yes, the hard drive is the device that gets the most wear and tear on the computer and it is also the device that is most likely to be faulty as soon as you buy it from the manufacturer. So just because of this reason alone you must always be sure that you have other copies of your data somewhere else besides on your hard drive. If you do not then you can find that all of your important data is lost forever.

But it is not only the faulty devices that you need to worry about. There are other reasons why you need to always keep a backup of your data somewhere else. And that reason is because you have to worry about malware causing damage to your computer as well. While it might not cause physical damage to your machine, what it can do is cause the machine to empty your data out of it. And sometimes that is not even the reason for the malware. Sometimes the malware just causes so much damage that your system refuses to run anymore and you need to reformat the hard drive and start over anyway.

When you are running a server this can be especially dangerous. Most of the time when you are running a website you have more than just your data on the server. You have other people’s data as well. If their data is lost the last thing that they are going to worry about is whether you meant to do it or not. Or that is was not your fault and it was the fault of some mischievous hacker. No what they are going to be upset about is that you did not have backups and that all of their data is lost.

That is why it is important that not only do you keep a backup of the data that is on the server, but you also keep a screenshot of the server itself. When we say screenshot, what we mean is that you keep a 1 to 1 image file of what is on the server. This not only backs up the data but it also makes sure that you are able to keep all of the configurations and the programs installed on the computer as well. While a backup is usually enough, setting up a backup image file is going the extra mile and will make it easier in the long run.

When it comes to the security of your server, you should think about image files and normal backups. That way you know that you are ready just in case anything were to happen.

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