T-Mobile Android Handsets To Come With Lookout Security Pre-Installed

Whilst there may be some scepticism, in certain quarters, about the threats to mobile phones, it does seem certain that the general public is becoming increasingly concerned about the security of their handsets and the data that is stored on them.

And thats not a bad thing in my opinion.

With the number of security apps available for phones, especially those running Android, there can be little harm in being pro-active in setting up your defences, especially as many of these apps are free, even those that come from some of the big names in the industry.

But sometimes even free, or extremely cheap apps, can be overlooked by users. I myself, for instance, do not know anyone at work who has security on their phone.


Things may change now though as T-Mobile prepares to lead the way by shipping Android handsets with Lookout Automatic App Security pre-installed. This security app will come preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 amd LG Optimus L9 and further rollouts should bring it to most other T-Mobile Android phones next year.

Automatic App Security will scan any user downloads for security risks by utilising a database containing a list of thousands of dangerous applications. If anything suspicious is found then the user will be advised via an alert.

This partnership between Lookout and T-Mobile is significant and reminds me of how many new computers come bundled with free anti-virus trials these days though, fortunately, Lookout mobile security apps are actually very good and users may want to stick with them!

Considering how easy it is for users to install new apps on their Android handsets, and how likely it is that those new apps won’t include a security solution, this seems like a move in the right direction and should protect T-mobile customers from the risk of installing fake protection apps too.

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  1. […] How exactly this will work is unclear at the moment – the apps could be embedded into the firmware which will make them tricky to remove – or simply installed in the more traditional sense which may see them have a short life if users decide to migrate to some of the more popular Android security apps such as Lookout which itself is getting bundled with some T-Mobile handsets. […]

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