Syrian Electronic Army Targets The Guardian Twitter Feeds

Pro-Syrian hackers have taken Twitter accounts owned by The Guardian. The newspaper said that the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) have claimed responsibility for the attack.

The accounts –

  • @guardianfilm
  • @GuardianTravel
  • @GuardianBooks

– have now all been suspended by the social networking site.


The attack comes after newspaper staff received emails over the weekend asking them to click on links which then provided access to the affected accounts.

A spokesman for The Guardian said,

“We are aware that a number of Guardian Twitter accounts have been compromised and we are working actively to resolve this.”

The Syrian Electronic Army have previously targeted accounts belonging to the BBC including their Arabic and Radio Ulster feeds as well as their weather one. They have also hacked the Human Rights Watch Twitter account and website.

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Lessons to be learned

  • Be very cautious when clicking on links in emails, especially when they have come from someone you don’t know
  • If you run a business then make sure your staff are also ‘security aware’


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