Syrian Electronic Army Hacks BBC Weather’s Twitter Account

The Syrian Electronic Army yesterday hacked three official Twitter accounts belonging to the BBC in order to make political comments about the war in Syria.


The three Twitter accounts targeted were:

  • BBC weather
  • BBC Radio Ulster
  • BBC Arabic

All the accounts have now been regained by the BBC but for a while yesterday political showers took centre stage in place of the regular rain and wind we would normally expect to be reading about –

Saudi weather station down due to head on-collision with camel

Hazardous fog warning for North Syria: Erdogan orders terrorists to launch chemical weapons at civilian areas


The reason given for the hacking was, in their view, that –

The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Today BBC Network accounts on Twitter

And that came in response to what BBC practiced of lies and fabrication of news  and in addition to the bias to the bloody opposition

– and that the SEA believe that the UK, United States and Qatar are, allegedly, helping to fund terrorists causing unrest within Syria.

Earlier this week the Syrian Electronic Army also hacked Human Rights Watch for much the same reasons.

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