Symantec Discover Stuxnet’s Missing Link

Researchers at Symantec have discovered that nuclear virus Stuxnet is much older than first thought. Previously it was thought that the virus originated in 2009 despite not being discovered until the following year. Now, however, it seems it may have been in circulation much longer than that.


“Symantec Security Response has recently analyzed a sample of Stuxnet that predates version 1.001. Analysis of this code reveals the latest discovery to be version 0.5 and that it was in operation between 2007 and 2009 with indications that it, or even earlier variants of it, were in operation as early as 2005.”

Even though this version of Stuxnet ceased operations on July 4th 2009 it is still around Symantec discovered. Dormant infections were discovered in many countries including the US but the biggest collection was seen, unsurprisingly, in Iran where it was employed to disrupt uranium enrichment valves in order to hamper the countries nuclear activities.

Though the Chinese may be perceived as the cyber bad guys right now, Stuxnet was actually developed by the US and Israel as a means of targeting and attacking Iran which makes those two countries the good guys. Right?

photo: johnmeyer2

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