Aporkalypse Now? Swine Flu Spam Is On It’s Way

As ever, bad news is good news for those looking to make a quick buck online.

It was only a matter of time before email spammers would start trying to selling junk ebooks and medical cures that feed on the fears of those who have been bombarded with the news of the upcoming swine flu epidemic.


A new report from the security guys over at McAfee says that around 2% of all spam email currently focuses on the topic of swine flu.

Using a multitude of subject lines, many referencing celebrities such as Madonna, the spam messages are coming from compromised machines around the world.

Emails with titles such as ‘Salma Hayek caught swine flu!’ link to online pharmaceutical websites.

McAfee also note that domain registrations based around swine flu keywords have also increased around 30-fold in recent days. (Its quite likely that not all of those will be used for entirely legitimate purposes I reckon!)

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