Student Tracking: Anonymous Take Down NISD Web Site

Earlier this year there was some controversy over the Northside Independent School District (NISD) in San Antonio when they rolled out  new project called, “Student Locator Project”.

The initiative requires all students to wear ID badges with RFID chips embedded in them which allow for their movements to be tracked.


Now it seems that the hacker group Anonymous took umbrage at the situation and retaliated by taking down the NISD ( website for some time earlier today:

According to a Pastebin link left by the above Twitter user, tr1xxyAnon, the group simply want the NISD to confer with parents as to whether they are in agreement with the idea of tracking their children –

  1. Dear NISD,
  2. I sincerely hope you have noticed that I have took down your website for a reason, and that reason is stripping away the privacy of students in your school. What was going through your mind when you had this idea?
  3. Now it is your school and your rules, but you seen what I did to your website, and  have a simple deal for you, weather you accept it or not, is up to you.
  4. If you still want to do this tracking idea on the students, at least have a meeting with each and every students parents, so they know what is going on.
  5. So… DEAL OR NO DEAL? That is the question.
  6. Last week, a student at John Jay was granted a restraining order against principal Robert Harris, who had threatened to expel the student for not wearing her SmartID.
  7. Did his parents agree with this? Did they even have a say if they want to go with the tracking idea?
  8. I am giving you 1-3 days to hold this meeting with the parents. I want you to confirm you have had this meeting too as proof. IF you do not hold this meeting and nothing happens, I will simply shut down your website, like I did last time. I hope you think carefully about what I have said.
  9. Yours faithfully,
  10.                      tr1xxyAnon
  11. We are Anonymous.
  12. We are Legion.
  13. We do not Forgive.
  14. We do not Forget.
  15. Expect us.

Whether this ultimatum from Anonymous achieves its objective remains to be seen but it is certain that NISD is keen on maintaining its tracking program as they were even prepared to expel a student for not wearing her RFID tag for religious reasons (there will be a Texas court hearing on that issue next week).

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