Stop Broadcasting Your SSID To Improve Your Wireless Network Security

There are certain features that are put into our computers and the accompanying hardware that are there for the convenience of the average user. A lot of the time, however, these conveniences come at the cost of the safety and security of the device.


This is the case when it comes to routers and their ability to be able to broadcast the name of the router over the air. I’m talking about the feature that allows a person that is looking for that particular router to be able to easily find it.

For example, anyone that comes into your house with a laptop computer or any other wireless device that connects to the internet, can easily find your router. Unfortunately it also lets the bad guys, including your neighbors that like to leech the internet off of you, to know where your router connection is as well.


To keep people off of your wireless connection, you can set the router to stop broadcasting your SSID.

SSID stands for Service Set IDentifier and it is the name that you see when you search for networks to connect to.

If you go to the admin panel of your router you will see that there is an option to turn it off. If you do this then you will be able to hide your router from anyone on the outside that is physically trying to connect to it. It might be a pain for anyone that visits you to try to connect to it but all you have to do is to let them know the name of the network.

Hiding your router is easy enough but it is not the only thing that you want to do to keep people off of your network. You will want to set the encryption layer of your network as well.

While not having the SSID broadcasting to your neighbors is very effective, there are still ways for people to find the network. So in case they do, you must secure yourself so that they are still not able to connect to your network even if they do find it.

To even be more secured you might also want to allow only certain MAC addresses on your network as well. This will allow only certain computers to connect to the network, even though they know the proper keypass and were able to find the network despite the SSID being hidden.

Not showing the SSID of the network is only the beginning when it comes to security measures for your network but is a good start and something that you should really think about. Read more about wireless network security.

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