Steven Tyler – Going Down But Not Dead Yet

The day before yesterday Steven Tyler, lead singer of rock group Aerosmith, fell off the stage in Buffalo Chip in Sturgis.

Ironically, the band were performing their hit “Love In An Elevator” at the time, a song which contains lyrics about ‘going down’.

Here’s a video clip of the incident –

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(He falls off the stage around 54 seconds into the clip)

Whilst he was undoubtedly hurt, to the point where the rest of the tour may be cancelled, he is certainly not dead.

Remember that when you next log into Facebook or Twitter where many celebrity death hoax messages are currently circulating!

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  1. Is he ok? Is he in hospital?

  2. Steven Tyler has one of the worlds most beautiful women as his daughter. How did that happen?

  3. Oh my word I hope he is ok.

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