Stay Safe On Twitter With BitDefender SafeGo

Twitter is great isn’t it? There are, quite literally, millions of cool and interesting people using the service and you can follow and interact with just as many of them as you want. Unfortunately, the cool and the interesting aren’t the only type of Twitter user out there though; malicious users and spambots aplenty await the unprepared user.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to enhance your security when you use a service such as Twitter and this includes tools such as BitDefender’s SafeGo.

SafeGo is a tool that has been available to Facebook users for some time now and it has recently debuted on Twitter. By installing SafeGo into your Twitter account you will be improving your chances of staying secure on the social networking site as it will:

  • point out anyone that you follow who appears to be a bot
  • scan your timeline for suspicious looking links
  • alert you if an account you follow looks like it may have been hijacked.
Heres more info via a handy infographic:

BitDefender Twitter SafeGo infographic

SafeGo is a totally free service that you can download now, irrespective of which security protection you use. It is also included in BitDefender’s Antivirus Plus 2012, Internet Security 2012 and Total Security 2012 products, all of which are available in an insanely good deal up until the 15th of January 2012 (see BitDefender 70% off Lifetime Edition offer).

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