Stacey Finley – The Millionaire CIA Agent

Ok, so maybe archiving this under historical scams isn’t quite right as it is current news.

However, I believe this is one that is going to be talked about for years to come.

Stacey Finley, 34, has spent the last 6 years masquerading as a CIA agent, collecting just under $1m in the process.

How did she earn this money you ask?

Well, she had friends in the right places you see.

Apparently (and 22 friends and family believed this) she could organise satellite sweeps of individuals to detect any kind of disease or medical problem.

If any were detected then CIA medical personnel would pay a visit while the victim was asleep and administer secret government drugs to cure them of all their ills.

Relying on her charismatic personality, Finley duped friends, family and in-laws out of $989898! Many of her victims gave up their pensions, life insurance and savings to get the “cures” she offered.

Currently under house arrest, Stacey Finley claims she needed the money to pay general household bills, despite her and her husband having 5 cars!

Finley will be sentenced on the 7th May.

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