Spyzooka Scam? Nope, And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Believe It

Surfing around the net, looking for interesting articles to read about spyware, etc, I come across all sorts of things.

Some of those incluse posts which suggest that Spyzooka may be a scam.

This, however, only highlights why you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you read on the internet –

What many of these web sites and blog pages are failing to disclose to you is the fact that they are in competition with Spyzooka – reading through what they have to say I’ve spotted a good many affiliate links which lead to competing anti-spyware products.

They then pop the ‘Spyzooka’ name into their post titles in order to capitalise on the associated search engine traffic.

The same tactic is applied all over the web for other products too so its something you ought to be aware of.

By the way, you can get a free Spyzooka scan right here.

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