SpamWeed – An Innovative Spam Filter

Email spam is one of the biggest concerns for many home as well as business users. Past records show that email spam has been used to spy on your computer to steal your personal details and spread deadly computer viruses, apart from keep annoying you constantly.


For this very reason, many computer users feel the need to have a highly effective spam filter, which can kill the spam before reaching our inbox. SpamWeed is the new innovative spam filter that combines many state of the art spam-filtering technologies to achieve a high rate of filtering.

Features of SpamWeed

  • It uses statistical techniques to identify spam
  • SpamWeed is a highly accurate and an intelligent spam filter
  • SpamWeed works with many email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora and various POP3 email clients. The software even supports different webmail accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo.
  • SpamWeed is designed to prioritize your email communication thus saving a lot of your precious time. One can classify the email according to the sender and the keyword.
  • It has a superb feature of recognizing emails in more than 25 languages and you can even block foreign language spam
  • A perfect solution for people who have to deal with thousands of emails daily so that your inbox is less cluttered
  • It protects your computer from email viruses as it scans your mails before opening them, not matter who is the sender
  • SpamWeed is the only spam filter in the market, which can be programmed for more complex spam filtration rules. Only thing you need is to know programming
  • The program has a very simple user interface, which is very easy to install and use

Thus if you are looking for a spam filter then SpamWeed is your best bet.

You can try the demo version before buying the full program.

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