South Korean Bank And Newsroom Outages – Cyber Attack From The North Suspected

Two large banks and three top TV broadcasters in South Korea experienced computer network failures today and the finger of suspicion has been firmly pointed upwards.


Computer screens on the networks went blank and some even started showing images of skulls. There is currently no clear indication of where the attacks originated from and South Korean officials and police are still investigating. That hasn’t stopped speculation though and computer experts firmly suspect interference from North Korea.

This scenario isn’t unlikely as South Korea has been preparing for a cyber attack from the North following military drills by the former and nuclear testing by the latter.

“Cyber attacks are much easier weapons for North Korea as they cost far less than missiles or nuclear tests, but they can send more people into a real panic. Furthermore, they can do it at any time without worrying about international sanctions.”
Business Week

Accusations surrounding cyber attacks are nothing new in this region with the South believing the North to be responsible for two attacks against businesses in 2011 and 2011. The North also accused the South of similar a couple of days ago when some of their own websites suffered a two day outage.

photo: 適切

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