South Korea Prepares For Cyber Attacks From The North

North Korea have made threats, including cyber attacks, against the South following joint military drills by Seoul and Washington. With the North also conducting nuclear testing tensions are running high and South Korea has now gone onto high alert.


(Do we need to take note of what North Korea is doing?)

South Korea has a five stage alert level. With level 3 being issued when an attack has been detected the country currently sits at level 4 –

“Following Pyongyang’s nuclear test last month, Seoul has issued the fourth-highest level of cyber alert and has been conducting 24-hour monitoring of the state telecommunications network.”
Korea Times

South Korean prime minister Chung Hong-won has visited the Korea Internet ans Security Agency (KISA) to encourage their preparation for possible cyber attacks and the Korea Communications Commission has revealed that government systems have been inspected and advises home users to ensure that their own antivirus protection is up to date and running. Additionally, Korean citizens are encouraged to advise any suspicious activity to KISA.

With all the hacking and cyber attacks going on lately we certainly live in interesting times eh?

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