Sony Ericsson Name Used In Fraudulent Emails

Sony Ericsson released a short press release a few days ago in response to some spam and phishing emails that are currently being sent out to the public which appear to originate from them.

Like the Ericsson free laptop hoax, however, these emails are most definitely not originating from Sony or any of their affiliates.

The fake emails in question tell the recipient that they have won a sum of money but that they have to confirm some personal data before collecting it.

Here is the Sony Ericsson press release –

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is aware that a series of unsolicited emails have been sent to members of the general public from an email address that appears to bear the name ‘Sony Ericsson’ and which tells that the recipient has won a sum of money in a competition and requests that certain personal data be confirmed.

These unsolicited communications are not from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and are believed to be attempts to obtain personal data for fraudulent purposes.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications wishes to take this opportunity to apologise to members of the general public for any inconvenience or confusion caused by these fraudulent emails.

Should you receive such an email then Sony has asked for them to be forwarded to

Reputable companies, such as Sony Ericcson, are often referenced in such emails in order to lend them an air of credibility and I personally find it rather refreshing to see such a large company take the time to alert it’s current and potential customers to the risk of such emails.

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  1. i want a laptop can you get iam so poor

  2. It’d be kinda ironic if they decided to spam everyone with this press release. Though otherewise it won’t reach its target – gullible people who can fall victim to spammers actions.

    • You are right that people who fall for email scams are a little gullible but the fact that they continue shows that a fair proportion of people must fall for them 🙁

      As for spam, I very much doubt that Sony would be involved in that in any way, shape or form, but it is good to see them highlight that their name has been used in this way.

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