Some Weekend Reading For Twitter Fans – 40 More Security People To Follow

Update: I’ve now created a page with all my #infosec follows on and in alphabetical order which should make it much easier to navigate. Find that list here.

I don’t know about you but I often find that one of my favourite pastimes, Twitter, can be a little slow over the weekend.

What better way to spend those quiet hours then than finding a whole host of quality new people to follow?

I’ve written up a couple of lists before – 50 infosec nuts to follow on Twitter and 21 security-minded people to follow on Twitter – but 71 people just isn’t enough is it?

Here are some more great people I’ve discovered who tweet interesting and informative comments and links about security on everybody’s favourite social networking site –

  1. paperghost
  2. secthreat
  3. cedricpernet
  4. TimelessP
  5. cyber_risks
  6. vlna
  7. andrewallen
  8. nigroeneveld
  9. security4all
  10. FSLabsAdvisor
  11. tonys3kur3
  12. ChadChoron
  13. anton_chuvakin
  14. georgevhulme
  15. Dejan_Kosutic
  16. codigoverde
  17. denvercyber
  18. vfoliveira
  19. secureideas
  20. mckeay
  21. Hacksec
  22. jack_daniel
  23. HackerTheDude
  24. danphilpott
  25. ghostnomad
  26. michaelmknight
  27. suffert
  28. miscsecurity
  29. mikerigsby
  30. vnsec
  31. jcanto
  32. ABCecurity
  33. security_freak
  34. securls
  35. Raykoid666
  36. jeremiahg
  37. safeeyes
  38. sans_isc
  39. ThePraetorian
  40. DanRaywood (even if he is a Spurs fan!)

Oh and of course theres me too – FOLLOW ME!!

As ever, if you tweet about information security or any related topic and you don’t feature on any of these lists then please do identify yourself via the comments below.

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  1. Don’t forget about @SocialMediaSec! 🙂

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