Some Of The Most Innovative Hacking Is Coming At The Expense Of Mobile Phone Security

People do not understand how the mind of a hacker works. We are not talking about the bad guys of the hacking world who are known as the black hats. We are talking about anyone who likes to know how things work. Most people do not feel the need to be that curious and see how an object is able to work like it does. But a hacker cannot stand to let that item just sit there and not know how it operates. The curiosity is almost like a drug addiction and seeing how the device works is the fix.

Some Of The Most Innovative Hacking Is Coming At The Expense Of Mobile Phone Security

That is why whenever a new device hits the scene, you know that curious hackers will follow right behind it. Their curiosity has been peaked again and they want to know how the device works. This is especially true if they like to use the device. If they like the device they, most of the time, still want to be able to see how it works or make it do things that it was not intended to do. To do that they of course break it apart and try to fix it according to their standards.

But of course while they are in the middle of this exploration, weaknesses in the device will be found. Some will use this weakness for good and others will not. It all depends on the hacker who finds the weakness. Most of the hackers out there use their knowledge for good. If they find a hole that can harm the device they will try to let the public know. Sometimes there are arguments in how to do this but it is all usually for a good cause.

It is unfortunate that all people who like to explore devices are labeled under one big umbrella as being criminals. All people should want the right to be able to change a device that they bought any way that they see fit. Why let someone else tell you how it is supposed to operate. If you can make it do something else then you should consider that an achievement. Not a criminal act.

Unfortunately, as we said earlier in the article, there are people who are out there who have the hacker spirit but use it for criminal purposes. These are the people who like to find holes in the system but keep their results to themselves or a chosen few. They do not want people to be able to fix the problem because they want to be able to exploit it themselves. But that is not the only way that they bad guys get the information needed to be able to exploit systems. They also rely on the good guys information as well.

Taking advantage of the good guys

Even though they do not mean it, the good guys, in an effort to try to do good, sometimes reveal holes that the bad guys try later to exploit. While this has been happening in the desktop computer world for a long time it is now starting to happen in the mobile phone world as well. The bad guys are getting information from legit hacks and are using it to enrich themselves.

The holes that are found sometimes need time to be able to patch them. But there are times when a company that has released the software does not respond to a hacker who has found a hole. This means that it just sits there waiting to get exploited. If the good guy has found a hole then there is no doubt that a bad guy can find one as well. To prevent a company from sitting on their hands, the good guy hacker will give them a heads up that they are going to release the information about the hole on a certain date. This gives them the time to fix it and release the patch to their customer. What they cannot do is just let the hole sit there without doing anything about it.

But the information being released is sometimes enough to get the bad guys an exploit into the hole. Now they are able to cause havoc with it.

While some people do not get it, hacking is a very important part of our culture. It is what helps innovate technology. But unfortunately due to the name being misused, when people hear the term hacker, they automatically think of criminals. This should not be the case. But of course since that is what people think of, when a white hat hacker tries to do the right thing and the bad guys get their hands on it, they are still placed under the same umbrella.

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