Social Networking In Your Business – Is It Cyberslacking Or A Productivity Booster?

Yesterday I got talking to Gilly at and he pointed me in the direction of an interesting post titled, “Why is web security indispensable for your business?“.

I’d recommend having a read yourself as it throws out some interesting figures from a survey that they conducted.

Essentially, the article is about businesses and their need for web filtering solutions in order to protect themselves from malware and other security threats.

One part that really caught my eye in Christina’s post, however, is as follows –

“…if used moderately, allowing employees to check their social media profiles for short periods may increase productivity as it gives them the opportunity to take a short break without needing to leave their workstation.”

I thought this was quite an interesting comment seeing as she’d mentioned cyberslacking earlier in the article and how that could lead to a loss of productivity as well as potential security risks.

social networking at work - safe and productive. Or not?

social networking at work - safe and productive. Or not?

I was wondering, then, what your views are on this topic?

Does allowing employees to access social networking sites whilst at work improve or lessen their productivity and does granting access increase security risks by a measurable amount?

How do you manage the topic of internet usage in your business and what successes or failures have you experienced?

Maybe its a sign of my age but I work for a company that allows zero internet access on its systems and I feel thats just the way it should be in order to keep everyone as productive as possible; though nowadays it can be a real pain having to queue for the toilets whilst everyone uses their smart phones instead!

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  1. Apologies Lee , I was thinking Social-networking by employees as a business tool !
    I would never allow employees access to Social Networking on my time or on my network.
    Its a recipe for disaster.

    • Thats exactly what I believe too.

      If I want to use a social network during the working day then it has to be on my smart phone and during my unpaid break.

  2. Allowing your employees access to Social Networking is the norm for many businesses , but sadly its a major Security minefield and with xss exploits and Clickjacking on the rise – I would definitely only allow it on a ‘seperate’ Network to the Business intranet.

    • I totally agree with your thoughts there Cliff, even if I don’t think that social networking at work should necessarily be the norm in the first place.

      Do you think allowing employees to indulge is good or bad for productivity?

      • I think that thta depends on the Business – for example – if you are in the Media/Promotion sector its only natural that you would target your business links at Facebook/Twitter lists and groups.
        But for other business that has Personal/Private customer data in its Databases – its a definite NO from me !


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