Social Networking: Do You Share TOO Much?

Social networking sites have probably been among the most innovative, informative and generally useful web sites to appear in recent times. They offer a means to keep in touch with family and friends, old and new alike.

One of the best features of social networking sites is the ability to share just about anything with just about anyone, all in real time. But therein lies the problem — we humans can be far too free with the information we give out at times — and the bad guys love us for it.

And if you need convincing then this infographic from BitDefender Safego should ram the point home:


Like other types of computer and internet security, staying safe on the social networking sites is YOUR responsibility and it starts with a bit of common sense – be careful what you say and even more careful whom you say it to. If you take that simple precaution then you will immediately lessen the chances of falling victim to hackers, thieves, phishers, scam artists and internet trolls.

If you need further protection from yourself then BitDefender offer a few tools and security programs which I highly recommend:

BitDefender Safego

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