So… You Think Santa Is A Hoax Do You?

You think Santa Claus is a fake?

You reckon Father Christmas is a fraud?

is Santa a hoax?

is Santa a hoax?



What do you really know anyway?

There are 3 main arguments that narrow-minded people use when they try to convince others that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist –

There Is No Documented Evidence Of Father Christmas’ Existence

Ok, so its true that there are no documents in existence, that we know of, that prove Santa Claus was a real person.

So what?

Does that make him a hoax?

I’ve seen him and I know your kids have too.

You haven’t – and I feel terribly sorry for you.

What you need is faith and then perhaps you will believe in this amazing old guy with the white beard too.

It Is Impossible For Santa To Deliver Presents To Every Child In The World In Just One Night

So you think Father Christmas is a fraud because he cannot possibly deliver presents to every child in the world in just one night.

Are you a fool?

Think back to last Christmas and what happened – he delivered didn’t he, and on time, just like every year in the past.

Thats a fact and cannot be ignored.

Besides, he has many helpers anyway – pixies, reindeer, elves and UPS are all rumoured to be his associates.

Parents Put Presents Under The Christmas Tree, Not Santa

You should be ashamed of yourself if you peddle this vicious rumour – its one that can break kids’ hearts.

Whats worse is the fact that you are suggesting that parents deliberately deceive their own children each and every year.

Thats just far too shocking to even contemplate.

Christmas Thought

I hope I have given you something to think about today and helped dispel the notion that Santa is in some way a fraud.

If you still believe that the guy with the white beard is one big hoax – because of the lack of evidence to prove he is real – then do me a favour…

Answer me this : Do you love your parents? If so, prove it!

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  1. Susan Johnson says:

    Santa Claus is soooo real i mean who wouldn’t believe in Santa Claus wait i know a very very stupid person don’t crush the dreams of the little ones by the way i totally agree with what you said

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