So Should You Disable Java On Your Computer?

The way that programs work on our computers is really quite amazing. A few clicks of the buttons on your keyboard and you have a program that you are able to perform actual actions with. And the best thing about it is that anyone is able to make their own programs. With a few tutorials on the web and a little bit of time you will be able to make your own programs in no time at all. But the ease of making programs these days is also one of the reasons why they tend to be not as secure as they used to be.

One way you are able to make programs is through the use of the programming language called Java. Java is a language that is designed to allow you to create programs quickly and easily. It is known as RAD which stands for Rapid Application Development. The great thing about a program language like Java is that you are able to stay far away from the metal of the computer if you want to. That means you do not have to worry about controlling the memory usage of the program that you are creating. Instead the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) of the language has what is called GC, which stands for Garbage Collection. That means when a piece of the program is no longer used anymore, the Garbage collector comes and cleans it up. All of this together means that you are able to create programs a lot easier than normal.

The ease of use of Java means that you are starting to see Java in a lot of places. It was always built to be a multiplatform language, and now it really is starting to be one. You can find it on computers, on mobile phones, in cars, and a bunch of other places. But Java is starting to get a bad rap lately. And a big reason for that is because there have been some serious security holes in applications that use Java.

We will not get into the complicated technical details of the security holes that were left through the JVM but we can tell you that it was serious. These holes are even more serious because they have been found to hurt all different types of platforms including Mac OS X. For people who use Windows, they mostly have the proper software that will stop serious attacks like this. But people who use Mac OS X are not used to these types of vulnerabilities and are more likely to be affected by them. This is a big reason why people are starting to just turn Java off in their systems.

While some people are just turning Java off when it comes to their browser other people are uninstalling or disabling it completely. And for most people they are not going to see any effect. Most of the desktop programs written today are not created in Java. That is because on the desktop it tends to be slower than programs written in other languages. But do keep in mind that there are a lot of programs written in Java and some of them might be ones that you may need in the future.

So should you be scared to install these programs just because they run on the Java programming language? The answer is no as long as you remember to update Java when there is a security update. If you do not update Java on a regular basis then you will fall victim to one of the attacks.

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