So Long…. And Thanks For All The Tweets

As we go through our lives we all have our dreams. Some of them are achievable, some of them not. And its important to know the difference.

My dream was to get somewhere within the infosec profession.

I didn’t always know that though.

When I started blogging back in 2006 it was purely something to do – I’d recently found myself single and the divorce took every penny I had. And then some . And so sitting at a computer, typing away, was something to do with the vast amount of spare time I suddenly had on my hands. And I enjoyed it.

As the months and years passed by I learned more and more. A couple of people I know then suggested I should consider looking for a job in infosec but I just laughed it off.

I carried on blogging and, as time went by, more people suggested it as a viable career choice. Thats when I started to dream.

It was a good dream too. I imagined the prospect of doing what I love all week long and getting paid for it too. Foolishly, I thought the dream was achievable.

I say foolishly because, as of now, I have now spent 7-8 years on this blog and gotten nowhere of course. How could I? I don’t have experience, qualifications or certifications. The dream was never achievable and never will be. I have been foolish. For all those years I have been putting full-time hours into something that no-one cares about but me.

I should have spent that time searching for a better job in retail (its what I do and do well). That may not be the most exciting work but I could have given my kids a better standard of living whilst they were growing up if I’d pushed myself, especially before the recession kicked in.

As it is, I’ve ended up being the wrong side of forty and I’m still earning only a little more than minimum wage. And this blog I’ve poured so many years into? Well, that was so successful that some 3,000 or so posts down the road and it can’t even cover its $10 per month hosting fees. What a fool I’ve been.

Now, the way things are going, each month I have to choose whether to eat every day or pay to host this site for another month… and I really am getting hungry now.

So, bar the 80 or so posts that I’ve already scheduled up, I’m going to get out of here. No more writing for me – its pointless and leading nowhere. I need to spend that money, and time, far more wisely.

I have to toss the dream away and get myself back to reality. I have to do it quickly too before I blow the chance of earning a proper wage forever.

So, for me, there will be no to very little time on Twitter and no more writing. I tried. I failed. I need to move on.

I want to thank all of you who were there on the way though – there have been literally thousands of very good interactions along the way.

I’ve met some great people too – way too many to mention them all – but a few who need to be named are:

Neira Jones, Brian Honan, Jitender Arora, Andrew Agnes and the BitDefender gang – you’ve all been so kind to me and I thank you all.

So, with that out of the way, there will be a few months of clearing out the posts I’d already written and then Adios.

Take care everyone and stay secure!

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Sorry to hear that Lee, i know how you feel though, i have been sharing a lot for years in groups on different sites and often i have thought ‘whats the use’.
    You have been a friend for a few years now, a good one, i have shared many of your articles over time and i will miss the oppurtunity to keep doing it.

    Take care,
    You have my email addy an you know where i hang out now if you ever decide to show up there.

    • Lee Munson says:

      Hi Dave,

      Its good to see that you are still around, though I must confess that I have lost track of where you are hanging out these days, hence why I never came over to see you.

      You certainly did share a large amount of my content over the years and I thank you for that. You’re a top man and I certainly will hold onto your email address ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. James Arlen says:


    It’s a shame to see something go away for reasons that you’ve articulated – you’re absolutely correct that your time is of more value to you than being selflessly given away – and there’s a point where we all have to make the call and say “I’m done with that for now.”

    It pains me deeply to hear the capitulation in your tone. As others have said, this is an industry that EXCELS at navel gazing. That is _not_ a reflection on you, but rather a reflection on us – and not a very flattering one.

    In an effort to make amends, and ensure that the resource that you’ve built out of blood sweat and likely tears doesn’t go away forever – please get in touch with me as the folks from Liquidmatrix will be more than happy to provide you the space to safely archive this site.

    We do the Liquidmatrix stuff for “the love of the game” and it is a losing prospect for us every month, but if someone doesn’t do it — it likely won’t be done.

    Again, the offer stands – we can add your site to our hosting and (with a little pre-planning and some DNS magic) things will appear to stay as they are, or we can mirror your content and add it to the Liquidmatrix archive for future generations to enjoy. Just drop me a line.


    • Lee Munson says:

      Hi James,

      I’m not sure I’d agree with the term “capitulation” – this is a decision I’ve been mulling over for about 2 years now and I did give this blogging lark a right good go since 2006!

      As for your offer to archive the site, thats very generous of you, but I shall hold fire on that for now as there seems to be some third party interest in keeping the blog going in some format.


  3. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years, thanks for everything.

  4. Lee,
    I am so gutted. I believe you shouldn’t give up on your dream. Your blog is extremely valuable and I agree with Michael’s comments. Symptomatic of the InfoSec industry that talks the talk but ultimately doesn’t walk the walk. We all cry out for diversification, but at the end of the day, those in charge of recruitment all look for pen testers or CISSP (not that there is anything wrong with that, but the horizon needs to be broadened significantly). You have done so much for security awareness.
    I will keep trying.

    • Lee Munson says:

      Hi Neira,

      Thanks for your kind words, I really do appreciate what you’ve tried to do for me as I’m sure you already know. I don’t want to give up on the dream (there is more to it than what I’ve written here) but, at the same time, I really do think I need to know when I’m beaten – I don’t want to waste time on a dead end when I could invest said time into other avenues that may, ultimately, be more beneficial for myself and my children.

      Again, thank you Neira – you and others in the security arena (many of whom have never met me in person) have shown much more interest in me than I have ever received in other environments I’ve worked in and I will always appreciate that.


  5. Michael says:

    Wow, that’s really heavy. I know you probably don’t want advice here but perhaps you should take a look at some other options. Working directly for an Infosec company might not be the ticket but you are obviously a decent writer and committed.

    If I were you and I had a mightily impressive 3k of posts under my belt then I’d look to working for a media organisation. Infostor and Dark Reading both come to mind as places that you could look at.

    Don’t waste all this effort, just try and look at it another way.

    PS there are plenty of highly successful people out there who don’t have the right pieces of paper…

    • Lee Munson says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m always open to advice, and if there was a way to stick with infosec I’d take it, but I have an urgent need to make my time pay and its just not going to happen via this blog.

      I have tried writing for others but I’m no journalist. I have to realise my limitations and stick with what I can do.

  6. Lee Munson says:

    Thanks for your kind words Mohab ๐Ÿ™‚


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